Is it Time for Mom to Get Help from a Personal Support Worker?

– Signs to Look for in Your PSW Service

Watching Mom or Dad age is never easy. Each day, you may notice that Mom has a harder time getting out of her chair. Dad may shuffle his feet when crossing a room. The parents that used to scoop you up as a little kid, run out of breath walking to their living room. However, their independent spirit still shines through making you question whether or not they need the assistance of a personal support worker service.

Signs Your Senior Needs Help at Home

At Peak Home Health Care, we understand the desire of seniors and their family to let Mom or Dad stay in their house. Sometimes, an extra set of hands can help alleviate the burdens that can crop up. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate your senior loved one needs help:

  • There are changes to their physical and mental state. Look for symptoms such as problems keeping track of time, sleeping most of the day, weight loss, lost interest in hobbies or other activities. Additionally, you might notice Mom has unexplained bruises, forgets to take medications, or misses essential.
  • Personal hygiene is lacking. Be aware of unpleasant body odours, infrequent bathing, or a strong scent of urine in their home or on their clothes. You may see an overall decline in grooming habits – failing to brush hair, wearing dirty clothes, or untrimmed nails.
  • They neglect household responsibilities. When you visit, take a peek in their fridge and around their home. Signs include little or no fresh, healthy foods, a dirty house with laundry piling up, late payment notices, and even unexplained dents or scratches on their car.

Keep your parents in their home for as long as possible with the assistance of the team at Peak Home Health Care. We offer a variety of services including medical, non-medical, customized client care, hourly care, couple/partner care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, and 24-hour care.

Senior home healthcare professionals from Peak Home Healthcare are trained to care for seniors suffering from different forms of dementia. Please use our online form to contact us or give us a call at 905-582-7992 to inquire about our comprehensive services in the Oakville and Burlington area.

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