Our Story

Peak Home Health Care is a family owned business that was created in memory of our dear mother and Grandmother, Joyce.  Grandma Joyce lived with us for fourteen years.  She was in relatively good health when she moved in and we were grateful to have her with us. It gave us peace of mind to know that she wasn’t alone.  As time progressed however her needs became greater.  She eventually lost the freedom that driving provided so appointments and errands became a joint effort.  Declining health led to more intricate care and fortunately we had family on hand to step in and meet those needs.  It was the value of having this home support for Joyce that inspired us to take this experience and offer support to others in need.  It is our way of honouring a lady that taught us the value of family and the importance of being part of a community.
Medical Services

We create a comprehensive and client specific plan of care to meet the needs of our clients.


Non-Medical Services

The non-medical aspect of care is an intricate and growing part of our business.


Assistant Services

We help many of our clients find additional help within the community.


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