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Specialists in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

At Peak Home Health Care we pride ourselves in creating and maintaining a safe environment for our clients in every situation. We recognize that each circumstance is unique and therefore provide care specific to each individual’s needs. Besides assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), we also offer help to individuals experiencing different forms of cognitive impairment. We recognize that clients suffering with Dementia or Alzheimer’s require more specialized care and we approach this care with a high degree of sensitivity and compassion.

Highly Trained and Compassionate

Our Personal Care Professional’s are highly trained and compassionate individuals who specialize in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Extensive in-home assessments with a Registered Nurse provide a comprehensive evaluation that enables us to provide the best possible care. We work with our clients and their families to methodically design and implement a customized care plan that fits their needs. Ongoing direct communication between the supervisory nurse and our certified GPA (gentle persuasive approach) caregivers also ensures this comprehensive care plan is updated regularly.

Working as a team we share best practices and are committed to continuous education and coaching. As a result, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and better prepared to handle any challenges of care that may arise. Peak’s unique approach to Dementia and Alzheimer’s care empowers our clients and therefore improves the quality of life for both them and their families.

Our Dementia and Alzheimer caregivers come at no additional cost

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